Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. We purchase only locally raised beef, fed to our specifications and aged the old fashion way. All freezer meat is processed in our plant.
  2. We have long-standing relationships with local farmers who use no hormones in the raising of their cattle.
  3. Your freezer meat is custom ordered and processed just for you. You tell us how to cut and package, and you save at least 10% over our retail prices. By purchasing in quantity today, you avoid inevitable future price increases.
  4. Orders are ready in one - two weeks.
  5. Call the office for updated price lists.
  6. Beef Quarters weigh 160# and Sides weigh 320# Whole Hogs weigh 160#
  7. All freezer meat is vacuum packed at no extra charge.

Whole Hog

PORK LOIN- (approx 28#) Roasts and/or Chops (in any combination)

SHOULDER - (approx 28#) 2 Picnics, whole or steaks, fresh or smoked and 2 Butts, whole or steaks

HAM - (approx 34#) 2 Hams, whole or sliced, fresh or smoked

BACON - (approx. 16#) 2 Slabs, whole or sliced, smoked or fresh

SAUSAGE - (approx 12#) Any combination of bulk, breakfast links, country style. (many varieties and flavors from which to choose.)

SPARE RIBS - (approx 6#) 2 slabs, cracked or whole

NECK BONES - (approx 3#) Fresh or smoked, whole or cut up

HOCKS - (approx 3#) Fresh or smoked

LARD - (approx 10-12#)

HEART, LIVER, TONGUE - one piece each

Freezer Beef

A quarter of beef consists of the types of beef cut from either the front quarter or hind quarter of a steer. A side is a combination of one front quarter and one hind quarter.


Front Quarter

English arm or Chuck roasts: 10-12 pieces(2 1/2 # each)

Rib Roast and/or rib steak: 10-12 steaks or 4 roasts or equivalent combination.

Short Ribs 16 pieces (4 per package)

Shank Boil 6 pieces (2 per package)

Stew Meat 5lbs (1 lb pkgs)

Soup Bones 2 pieces (1 per package)

Ground Beef 25 lbs (bulk, patties or combination)

Brisket 1 piece

Bones if desired


Hind Quarter

Round Steak 4-6 pieces

T-Bone/Porterhouse 10-12 pieces

Sirloin Steak 4-6 pieces

Cube Steak 12 pieces (3 per pkg)

Tip Roast 2 pieces(3 1/2 lbs. each)

Rolled Rump Roast 2 pieces (3 1/2 lbs. each)

Stew Meat 3 pounds (1 pound pkg)

Shank Boil 6 pieces (2 per pkg)

Soup Bones 2 pieces (1 per pkg)

Flank Steak 1 piece

Ground Beef 20 lbs. (bulk, patties or combination)

Suet if desired

Bones if desired