Fresh Beef: From freshly ground beef to the best steaks, you may select from our pre-wrapped counters or have one of our helpful clerks cut and wrap to your specification.

Michelle shows off area-raised pork loin

Fresh Pork: We carry all pork cuts, from whole loins to spare ribs. We always cut and wrap any way you want - no added cost.

Sausage: Featured in many fine restaurants, county fairs and festivals, our country-smoked and fresh sausages come in a myriad of flavors and styles, from Apple Cured to Italian, Hungarian, Kielbasa, Slovenian, Knackwurst, Beer, Garlic, Maple and much more! You really must see to believe! Many have won awards for best in state at the Ohio Meat Association Annual Convention. All are made right here using our family recipes.


Bacon: If you are hungry for old-fashioned bacon that doesn't shrivel to nothing when you fry it, you've come to the right place. Our pork comes from area farms to the slaughter house and then is smoked and cured in our new smoke houses. We hear things like "That's real bacon," and "I won't go anywhere else." We have customers who travel from out-of-state to stock up. We also carry beef bacon, very popular with those who don't eat pork. Buy it by the slab or pound. We'll wrap and cut to your specifications.


Head Butcher, Jim insures meat is cut to
 customer's specification

Ham: Here's another award winner! Our hams are the best in the state, hands down. We take orders for thousands during the holidays, and locals want them for every occasion.. They are smoked and cured right here, and are available in country smoked, honey glazed and pepper flavors. We don't add water. You can't beat them - they are the best.


Poultry: We carry Gerber's Chicken (hormone free and locally raised). We also have an array of other poultry, including capon, duck, goose, turkey, and Cornish hens. We also carry fresh and frozen rabbit.


Deli Counter: We feature fresh lunch meats and cheeses come from Amish Country, including pan-roasted turkey, our own honey-glazed ham, Apple-Cured pastrami and German trail bologna, to name a few. All are cut and wrapped while you wait. Our cheeses also are local - featuring Guggisberg baby Swiss and many more.


Amish Goods: You'll find fresh bakery items, jams, jellies, homemade noodles, bulk candies, nuts, and dried fruit, locally grown honey, gourmet sauces, rubs, and BBQ sauces to name a few.

Our freezer isle offers many specialty products

Frozen Foods: A vast assortment of frozen veggies, fruits, desserts, fish, gourmet prepared meals, snack foods and meats adorn our freezer section. We also carry hard to find products like chitterlings, oxtail, Hawaiian ribs, tongue, tripe, cracklings, pig's ears, feet, heart, kidneys, salt pork, tails, etc.


AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! You really have to visit to see it all.